Image Generation with Integromat

Published December 08, 20212 min read

Image Generation with Integromat

Integromat is a platform for creating connections between different applications in no-code style, where achieving a business goal is the top priority. Integromat offers a free plan, so it makes it a great option for testing its capabilities. Integromat application library is growing every day, you will find there all popular application like, Google Drive applications, Facebook Ads, Shopify, Telegram, Instagram, e-mail connectors, and more, much, much more!

Let's create a simple scenario! We will create an Integromat flow where we will watch on a new customers in Shopify, then we will generate a personalized image using customer name and send the e-mail!

Whole scenario looks like this, we created 4 modules.

  • Shopify - watch new customers
  • Bannerly - generate an image with customer name
  • HTTP - download the image
  • E-mail - send the e-mail

Shopify: Send email to a new customer

I created a simple image with 4 components. The most important one is the text component with 'Hey Joanna!' greeting. It has 'greeting' id, this will be important in the following steps.

Bannerly: example image template

In Bannerly module I configured a new connection using API Key. The API key can be found in your Bannerly account in your account section. I selected my template and added on change in order to replace 'Hey Joanna' text with the greeting with a customer name.

Integromat: image generation module

HTTP module will download the generated image with customer name. This step is required by e-mail module.

Integromat: download image from URL

I configured e-mail module with my e-mail mailbox, you can put there a e-mail subject line, e-mail message and in the last field add an attachment with the image which I downloaded. Integromat: add image attachment

We are done! Now, everytime you get a new customer in your Shopify store, he will get a personalized e-mail message. This will definitely make your store much more unique than others. You can use Bannerly to create much more sophisticated marketing campaigns. For example, you could generate a QR code with promo link or create a template with most popular items in your shop and send it to your customer! Possibilities are unlimited, have fun with our image generation tool! If you have any problem, we are here to help.


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