Source for recent updates to Bannerly and our image generation service. If you'd like to let me know which features you'd like us to add, feel free to write me [email protected].


  • Add SVG gallery content.
  • Add triangle component.
  • Add team invitations.
  • Feature request

April 2022

  • Added Extension.
  • Added 'Spreadsheet' extension.
  • Added secondary styles.

March 2022

  • Added undo and redo functionality.
  • Added zoom buttons.
  • Added paper formats.
  • Improved image quality.
  • Improved performance.
  • Improved rectangles scaling.
  • Improved export image quality and performance.
  • Improved objects grid snapping.
  • Fixed problems with template name saving.
  • Fixed problem with shape names.
  • Fixed problem with effects on heavy images.

February 2022

  • Added pan with wheel (macOS).
  • Added pan with mouse (macOS & Windows).
  • Added option to delete generated image.
  • Added option to change artboard size.
  • Changed: pan shortcut (use Space to toggle panning).
  • Changed: zoom shortcut (use Cmd to zoom). (macOS)
  • Fixed: Colliding shortcuts activation with entering a text in inputs.
  • Fixed: Showing move marker when hovering artboard.
  • Fixed: Hide scrollbars in Inspector and Toolset sidebar. (Windows)

January 2022

  • Removed Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
  • Migrated canvas to a full-size canvas.
  • Now you can see what is outside an artboard.
  • Added 'Clip to Artboard' option.
  • Added zoom option (use scroll wheel).
  • Added pan option (use left Shift button).
  • Added more canvas sizes.

December 2021

  • Added Chart component (enable beta mode in advanced settings).
  • Added HTML Editor (enable developer mode in advanced settings).