Last modified: October 29, 2021Author: Jakub Pomykała

Zapier is a popular platform for no-code automations. It gives you an ability to orchestrate and automate many tedious tasks like sending out e-mails on some event One of them can be an image generation.

Zapier Integration

How to use it?

In order to use Bannerly with Zapier, simply login to your Zapier account and accept invitation to Bannerly. After accepting the invitation you will be able to use Bannerly actions in your Zaps.

What triggers are available?

We support one trigger which is "List Requests". Thanks to that you can get a notification when a new image or screenshot is ready to download.

What actions are available?

Bannerly supports 4 different actions in Zapier.

  • Create an Image - allows you to generate an image based on your template and given changes,
  • Take a Screenshot - allows you to take a screenshot of any website,
  • List Requests - get all image or screenshot requests,
  • List Templates - get all your templates.

Example: Zapier + Image Generation

Let's prepare a simple Zap! We will create a Zap which will wait for new submissions from TypeForm, then we will generate a personalized image and send it with e-mail. Below you can see how the whole Zap should look like.

Send e-mail with personalized image after filling TypeForm

It contains only 3 blocks:

  • TypeForm (trigger) - watches new submissions,
  • Bannerly (action) - generates an image,
  • E-mail (action) - sends the image to a user.

I created a simple form in TypeForm with 2 slides: e-mail and short input for a first name. Simple TypeForm with e-mail and user first name

Next, I prepared a nice template using one of existing templates in Bannerly. We will use the top component with text 'Hey Jakub' to put there a custom text in Zapier. Simple Image Generation Template with personalized greeting

The whole configuration of Bannerly Action is super simple. I selected my template which I created, then I put the ID of the text component and property which I want to change. In this case it will look like this name.text. The name is Component ID and text is the property. As a value I put text 'Hey ' + name from type form and '!'. Bannerly Action module configuration in Zapier

The last Action is responsible for delivering our image to the user. We will need an e-mail from user from TypeForm and image URL from Bannerly. In the attachment field I simply put the URL which I received from Bannerly Action. Zapier will automatically convert it into a file so user will see the image instead of URL.

Send file from Bannerly using e-mail in Zapier

And voilà! We are done! Remember to turn on your Zap in order to make it work and listen for a new submissions from TypeForm. Preparing a whole Zap took me less than 5 minutes. This is really a great strength of no-code automations and tools like Zapier! You can try to create other Zaps and enhance them with batch image generation with Bannerly. Sky is the limit, use your imagination in order to attract more customers or increase satisfaction level with image personalization.